Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I believe that when looking at life, we must look at more than just our current position.  Motivation, despair, hope, and frustration are more dependent on life's derivatives than on it's value at any one point.

"The path to hell is paved with good intentions."  -A common phrase, and one that is shown to be FALSE with social calculus:

We assume hell is -inf on the axis of life value.  We assume you are born neutral, with an L(0)=0.  To "go to hell" then,  is to be approaching -inf. Your function L(t) may be negative, positive, may be going down (negative first derivative), or going up (positive first derivative), be concave (negative second derivative), or convex (positive second derivative).

If you have good intentions, but lack knowledge or have mistaken knowledge, this may make your position or trajectory negative.  However, if you continuously have good intentions, you will try to adjust and ameliorate your mistakes and ignorance and improve your life value.  Continuous feedback and adjustment means that the second derivative will continuously positive (well as continuous as humanly possible).  If the the function is convex, it will never approach -inf.  Hence the statement is wrong.

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